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Healing & Nutrition Conference                

Life Recovery Presents:


October 1 & 2, 2004
9:00 am-9:00 pm Friday
9:00 am-5:00 pm Saturday

Open to the public, easy parking
A free-will offering will be taken

Highlights: Learn what the Bible says about:

Learn about health, healing and nutrition at this conference.Your speakers:


Author, instructor in spiritual warfare, counselor, speaker, founder of Life Recovery, dedicated to the rediscovery of God's Word and its power in equipping the Body of Christ for today.


Teacher, author of Biblical Health & Nutrition curriculum for Christ For the Nations Bible school, radio and TV guest on TBN's "Calling Dr. Whitaker" program, active organic gardener, dedicated to God and simple living.


Author of over 20 books, science writer, specialist in nutrition and health, health and wellness counselor, featured weekly speaker at Strawberry Lake, dedicated to God and spreading the message of health.


Certified nutritional consultant, herbal specialist, operator of an organic food store, author and weekly talk-show host of "One Healthy Minute", dedicated to the recovery of health through God and the development and distribution of natural health products.

Are you worried about your health or the health of a loved one? Does coping with health issues consume your finances and time? Do you have immediate family with serious health issues like heart disease, cancer or diabetes and you're afraid you're next? Do you want you and your family to feel well, both spiritually and physically? Attend, listen and learn from our speakers at this life-changing conference. Special Friday-night panel on health, healing and nutrition where all of your questions will be answered from our panel of health and nutritional experts.

You may have been to a healing service where the spiritual side of healing was emphasized - that is good. You may have been to health and nutrition conference where the practical side of health and nutrition was emphasized - that is good. Our health, healing and nutrition conference combines health and healing for the body, soul and spirit into one dynamic entrace into the true world of Biblical health and nutrition. Join us for this life-changing event and bring a friend.

Health & Nutrition Conference News

Sarah and our friend, Darla, are standing by the book table, ready to answer questions.The 2004 Healing & Nutrition Conference was a great success! Each speaker brought together key elements of health, healing and nutrition that created a great learning environment. Many questions were answered on nutrition, health and prevention issues. Marjorie Cole spoke on the the spiritual sources of disease and gave many testimonies of the positive reversals in health by identification and renunciation of these outside influences. Sarah spoke on the practical aspects of health including such topics as food choices, shopping, and preparation. Many too, were set free by the power of the Lord moving during these meetings. Bob led the intimate times of worship during the conference.

Books, tapes, manuals, and other materials will be available.

Seminar Location:

Riverside Church
10210 Nicollet Avenue
Bloomington, MN

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