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Organic Garden              

Our big garden, 10,000 square feet in organic veggies and herbs, is a blessing! As food prices continue to climb, we are actively involved in gardening. In addition to the main garden, Bob has built two more square foot gardens . Herbs, flowers, and veggies are planted in each box. This seasons "new thing" are sweet potatoes. Check out the new square foot boxes and plan to build your our boxes. Everyone should have a garden!

Our first crop of setouts in the green house. What a day for celebration!Seed time and harvest is the chosen lifestyle for us at Milk and Honey Farm.  We are committed to sustainable agriculture and to producing top quality organic foods.   Our 10,000 square foot garden produces a vast harvest of vegetables, herbs, flowers - all without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

The basement is full of lights and trays by mid-March.The garden begins in January in our basement, where heirloom seeds are carefully planted in potting soil and placed under grow lights.  Electric timers control just the proper amount of light.  The wait begins, and the excitement rises as the first little leaves sprout.  Culinary and medicinal herbs including oregano, sage, cilantro, thyme and the 15 varieties of basil are some of the first to arrive.  The second wave are the many varieties of perennial flowers followed closely by the annuals.   Lastly, the vegetables sprout in vast profusion - broccoli, cabbage, varieties of tomatoes,  peppers and melons.

The cats love the warm green house, especially when the mint setouts are there.Charlie, one of our garden helpers, tends to the setouts.The move from the basement starts in late March.  The snow is deep and the wind chilly, but the tender plants are safely transported to the Hoop House greenhouse.   A kerosene heater keeps the night temperatures above freezing.  Here, they will remain and develop - watched over and protected until May when the danger of frost has passed, and they can graduate to the main garden.

Cabbages waiting to be made into sauerkraut.The grandkids pick pole beans.  Planting quickly shifts to a little weeding and then picking and picking and more picking. Sarah is pictured with some of the cabbages. The big one this year (not shown), won a blue ribbon at the fair. It was nearly twice as large as the other entrants.

Bunches of everlasting flowers, herbs and peppers hang from pegs throughout much of our house.Dried everlasting flower, herb and pepper arrangements make a colorful border year round decorating many of our rooms in a festive manner.

The tractor hauls flowers and vegetables to the house. Note the sheep in the background.The summer iris bed.


Country sign that says I'm in the Garden"I've been farming for over 50 years (organically the past 25 years), am currently a committee member of the Organic Crop Improvement Association, Minnesota Chapter, and I have witnessed a lot of good results, but I'll have to say, Bob and Sarah's results with plants and livestock is amazing." Loren M.  MN



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