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Here are some things to consider when shopping for a for a web site:

Consider the following results from our site for October 23, 2011. Less than ten of our pages are optimized for the search engines, but those few dramatically increase the rankings of the rest. In 2008, we averaged 470 visitors a day with 422 of them being first-timers. They look at over 1,207 full page views and 208 image views every day - not counting spider and robot traffic!!! Our Great Pyr home page has been viewed over 53,531 times in 2008.

Search Term Ranking Number of Results Search Engine
pyr dog 7 883,000 Google
great pyr 9 198,000 Google
great pyrenees dog 12 2,980,000 Google
pyrenees guard dogs 1 1,150,000 Google
great pyrenees on the farm 2 765,000 Google
pyr puppy 2 607,000 Google
great pyr training 1 64,400 Yahoo
great pyr training 1 275,000 Google
great pyr training 4 1,020,000 MSN
universal bread mixer 9 2,550,000 Google
universal bread mixer 4 4,090,000 Yahoo
biblical health 11 42,600,000 Google
biblical health & nutrition 1 25,700,000 Google
organic homesteading 1 1,760,000 Google
hobby farm MN 8 343,000 Google
save money on food 6 619,000,000 Google
save money on food 12 384,000,000 Yahoo


If you have looked at any of the code for this site, you will see it's done with Adobe's Dreamweaver. I have used Microsoft's Front Page, Adobe's Go Live and plain old hand coding. Dreamweaver offers added functionality. Once your site is designed, you can easily maintain it with Adobe's Contribute ($149) using a browser like interface. Why spend the money when you can get a free cookie cutter web site off a web host? Performance and experience with what gets traffic to your site!


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Golden Web 2003-2004 award.Webthrower Bronze Web Design Spider Award for 2004-2005.

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