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Bed & Breakfast - A Possibility?     

Did anybody mention that the food is tasty and homemade?When I'm dreaming of things I would love to do, one would be the Milk and Honey Farm's Bed and Breakfast.


The porch swing overlooks the kitchen garden where you can watch the flowers bloom and the bees collect pollen.Sarah making whole wheat bread.It would be located in the rolling hills of Ohio or Tennesse. The colors of the leaves in the Fall are unforgettable. I have some beautiful memories of traveling through that area. They all paint a picture of what I like to call "home".


The peaceful guest bedroom of our 114 year old house.An inviting place to rest.Folks who came to stay would be treated like family. They would never want to leave. I would have special breakfasts-including my whole-wheat pancakes with Cinnamon, apples and pecans mixed in the batter. They would be topped with REAL maple syrup and fresh strawberries. There would be farm fresh eggs, homemade bread (toasted) with some of my homemade jam. Bob makes the best omelets in the entire world (that is not brag-just fact) so sometimes, I would ask him to fix breakfast.

Colorful red lillies are some of the many flowers in the garden.There would be woods out in back with a rushing stream off to one side of it. There would be a wonderful garden. We would grow vegetables to eat ,and flowers for the table. There would be an herb garden and fruit trees.


Gentle breezes turn the windmill.Babysbreath growing in a flower bed in front of the house.What is interesting about this picture, is that besides the location and the size of the house, this is pretty much what we have here in Minnesota.  Our house is 114 years old - original two-story brick. We have three bedrooms, one bath, and an office. The island in the center of the kitchen is the focal point where all kinds of great organic food is prepared!

Blooming flowers and beans growing together in the main garden.We have the garden and the fruit trees. Everything is organic. We do not have a rushing stream and woods, but there is a lake with in a mile. There are woods and walking trails about the lake, a campground and swimming beach.

Bob enjoying the flowers in the back yard.We are an all organic farm, so all our food is organic-no spray or weird fertilizers. All the food served at the Bed and Breakfast would be organic. We do not smoke so we would not allow smoking or alcohol. Christian values would be upheld.

Maybe we should consider the Milk and Honey Farm's Bed and Breakfast right here. To start with, we could use the guestroom with a shared bath. Later on, we could add on two more bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs.

A place to rest.I think a Bed and Breakfast would work for us. If you have input, please let me hear from you. It would help if I could gather information from people who have a Bed and Breakfast, who stay at Bed and Breakfasts, or anyone with good ideas!.

Meanwhile, I will pray and ponder.


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