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Finding a speaker with expertise on health and nutrition is a bit tricky. It seems like the speaker is always sponsored by some health or nutrition related industry and so their agenda is to sell you something. As a speaker, Sarah's commission on health and nutrition comes straight from Titus 2, verses 3 - 5. It states that the experienced women should teach about good things to educate the younger women. Since it is getting harder and harder to find a church whose 30, 40 and 50 year-old members do not have cancer, diabetics or are overweight, Sarah's message is desperately needed.

Sarah became a spokesperson on health and nutrition after becoming very sick herself. Here's her story. Upon graduation from Christ For the Nations Institute, she returned to the school to teach the popular class, Biblical Health and Nutrition. The class is based upon what the Bible says about food including the Levitical dietary practices. Sarah authored the Biblical Health and Nutrition Manual for use in the class. (This basic study manual is being translated and published in the Chinese language by the Evangelical Formosan Church Communication Center.) Her message brought opportunities to speak women's groups, church conferences, home school support events and radio and television interviews.

Sarah's message is a balance of Bible truth and a practical health forming lifestyle. Her latest phase is growing organic foods and raising organic sheep, chickens and more. The Milk and Honey Farm is the hands-on lab demonstration of what Sarah, as a speaker, presents in conferences and church events.

We respect and honor as one of our mentors, Dr. Donald Whitaker. Dr. Whitaker is a pioneer in preventive medicine and has had Sarah on his Trinity Broadcasting Network television program, Calling Dr. Whitaker. Dr. Whitaker also sponsored Sarah's own radio program in Dallas, Milk and Honey. Often, Dr. Whitaker and Sarah would tag teach, with Doc giving the scientific and preventive medicine side of the story and Sarah giving the practical and tasty side. We also like Dr. Don Colbert's book, Toxic Relief, and Dr. Ted Broer's tape series, Eat, Drink and Be Healthy as excellent guides to build health. All three of these experts in preventive medicine are Biblically correct, practical and endorse the Levitical dietary practices.

We are not listed in a speaker's bureau or media guide, so please contact us directly to schedule a speaker for your conference or church event. Sarah's material for radio and television interviews include:

Please click here for her popular workbook, The Biblical Health & Nutrition Manual. See Sarah's resume.


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