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About Sarah                

Sarah graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and is an ordained minister as well as a wife, Mother, and Grandmother. She authored and taught the Biblical Nutrition Class at C.F.N.I. from 1986 until 1991. During that time she was a frequent quest on Trinity Broadcasting Network on the program "Calling Dr. Whitaker". She hosted a radio program "MILK and HONEY", and was a popular speaker through out the Southwest.

After moving to rural Minnesota, she co pastored a Full Gospel, non-denominational church for six years with her husband, Bob.  Presently, she works full time at Milk and Honey Farm. She also assists Bob on the web sites by writing text and taking pictures. Sarah enjoys speaking for seminars, conferences and home school support groups, and well as various church groups. (when she has time to schedule it in between the garden and the farm activities)

Her favorite song is AMAZING GRACE, by John Milton Newton. He is in Sarah's family tree and has a REAL COLORFUL history. John Newton was a rum runner and traded in the slave traffic before meeting Jesus Christ as his savior. He received forgiveness and a NEW LIFE and spent years as a circuit riding preacher. His song AMAZING GRACE is sung in chapels, churches, and in bar rooms. God's grace is truly amazing. John Newton knew that, and so does Sarah!


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