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Gracie's Story                

We didn't sell Gracie, but Gracie's story is so touching, we decided to put it up for you to read. Thanks to Sue for sharing Gracie's story and pictures with us. If you would like to comment, you can add your comments here.

Gracie's Story

Hi there to all of you out there. My name is Sue, my husband and l and our 2 great prys and cat live in Central TX.

Our first Pyr, Gracie, came to join our household on Sept. 25, 2005...from SPIN Rescue Group in Garland, Texas. She joined our then 15+ year old 15 pound dachsy mix (Homer)and our 13 year old 60 pound terrier mix (Indi)and our 3 year old 7 pound kitty(Impi). We have since lost the 2 other dogs, the little on in Nov. and the big one just 3 weeks ago.

Gracie and Sue take a break.Gracie is 5 years old (the best they can tell), was abandoned in her back yard on a chain by her previous owner and when the animal control officer brought her in she was completely red and hairless from mange and had lost half of her beautiful tail to a secondary infection. She had attempted to chew her way off the chain so has no teeth. She went to live in Garland with her foster and she slowly began to regain her health and her beautiful, pure white Pyr coat. She had decided that being alive was a good thing and life was pretty wonderful. She awaited her "forever" family to come for her.

I had had spinal surgery in January of 05. Tis a very long story but to keep it short suffice it to say that my neurosurgeon told me that l could have surgery or l could find myself in a wheel chair and on a respirator in 6 months I could do nothing around the house at all. I had the surgery, went home and in March of 2005 started physical therapy. My physical therapist talked to me about how slowly nerves regenerate and how we were going to go about getting me back on my feet and started the journey. Three times a week my husband took me. Other than that l did not go out, my legs wouldn't work good enuf and when they began to l tired out or simply lost my balance too easily. l couldn't use the little motorized carts that stores have because my arms and hands didn't work good enuf for long enuf.

My best friend and sister in Christ said to me one day, "You need a dog to help you." Tho the idea had not occurred to me l immediately knew it was right. We immediately began praying for just exactly the right dog and we began an internet search. I am not even sure how we happened on to the SPIN site but we saw one of the gentle giants and I was in luv. I filled out an app and told them of the dog that l felt drawn to. The Pres. of the group called me back the next day and asked me some questions and said to me, "I have exactly the right girl for you but not the one you were looking at." She said, "She isn't the most gorgeous dog right now but her coat will be beautiful and l just know she will be right for you."

We picked her up in Garland on Sept 25th. We were on our way home from OK (had been to meet our new granddaughter and be at her baptism). Life has NOT been the same since that first moment we met at the door.........2 huge dogs met us at the door and somehow she and l knew the other and the rest is history.

Gracie in her working harness.In Dec. she got her official harness that helps me keep my balance. She has had absolutely ZERO formal training and has taught herself all the things I need from her. She goes with me to the store and to church and everywhere I go she is with me. She helps me get up from the floor (I have always loved sitting on the floor and won't give that up) and on days that l need it she helps me out of chairs. She provides a safe place to lean when l have to stand for a bit and when l loose my balance (which l have done more than once) l turn and sit on her. She senses my good days and on those days she is not so attached to my side. She senses my bad days or new situations and is just there. She never ceases to amaze me! l never dreamed l would have the independence to get in a car and go for a short trip to the store alone! She is the most laid back animal l have ever seen in my life....her biggest desire is to be near me and to make sure l am ok. After that her greatest desire is to beak us with her huge and wonderful nose..

She is truly an ambassador for the breed and for assistance dogs. She is friendly but very aloof when in her "working clothes" and just an over gown puppy when she isn't. All 108 pounds of her.

Gracie's best friend, Kobi.When we lost our dog just three weeks ago he had been ill for a month.......then all was well then he suddenly threw a clot. The entire time he was ill Gracie didn't want to eat and tho she didn't appear attached to him she was just absolutely lost when he died. She was going to become a problem child with her barking. l was talking to the Pres of SPIN about how to solve the barking problem and her response was, "she needs a pal." So the 30th of April Kobi, a 10 month old badger marked Pyr came to be fostered at our house (he too has had an abusive "other" life). They are graciously allowing us to foster him till we get more of the astronomical vet bill paid off...then we will adopt. Gracie is a different girl with a buddy and tho she interacts more with him than she did our others her primary focus remains on me. He is totally different and totally wonderful. They are an amazing pair.

So many times we pray for God to deliver us from the storm rather than ask for help getting thru the storm.....l continue to pray for total healing but while l am in process l have the most wonderful dog to give me a measure of independence l didn't know was going to be possible for me so early on.

This is long but her story is too wonderful to not tell!

Good nite and God bless!


In His grip forever


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