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Sacco Dog Cart                

Bob, Baron and Shiloh team up to take Sarah for a ride.One of things we have always thought of doing is to have our Pyrs pull a dog cart. We looked at the catalogs and couldn't see paying the high cost of such a cart. A few weeks ago, a friend called us up and said, "How would like to have my dog cart?" We said, "YES!" We went on a road trip and retrieved this beautiful Sacco dog cart complete with six sets of harnesses - for small, medium and large Pyrs.

Sacco carts are made in Norway and have an unusual tire valve. The valve lets air in but not out. A little too much air and five minutes later - bang - flat tire. I didn't have a spare. Drilling the the rim's valve stem hole slightly larger let a 20" bicycle tube fit.

Sarah and Baron practice with the Sacco dog cart.We've tried several of our Pyrs and Baron and Shiloh seem to like it best. They don't like it at all when the temperature is above seventy degrees. We had to overcome some previous conditioning. We wanted them to not pull on a leash and now we've asking them to pull the cart. After two weeks, Baron pulls readily, and Shiloh, with a little coaxing.

Note: This cart was originally purchased from Black Ice, though they no longer carry dog carts. Dog Cart USA is now selling an much improved version of Sacco cart that's made in the USA.

The cart has a clever design that allows one or two dogs to pull it. We've tried both and found that's it's a little harder for two dogs to turn the cart. It requires some coordination. Our goal is to have the Pyrs pull us on pavement and follow commands from the driver. There's a brake on the back wheels and the driver can force the dogs with the steering mechanism. There is also a step for a passenger to ride on the back. It would be fun to locate a parade held in cool weather.

With gas prices on the increase, this may our solution to our transportation needs.





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