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Owners' Pictures & Letters                

Addie and Belle

Addie, a black miniature poodle.Addie guards the porch. Belle, another black miniature poodle.Miniature poodles, Addie and Belle from two different litters.



Chole Ann

Black miniature poodle Chloe Ann.I'm sorry this has taken me so long to do. I just wanted to send a few pictures of our Chloe Ann. We picked Chloe up on St. Patrick's Day and she has changed our lives since then! She has been such a blessing and a joy. Every day she does something to make us smile or laugh. 2005 was a big year for her (and us) and we were able to capture many of her "firsts" on film. Attached, please find a few snapshots of her first time down the stairs, her first Easter (and the ducky she received from the Easter Bunny) and many more. She's very photogenic and loves posing for the camera.

Black miniature poodle Chloe Ann.Black miniature poodle Chloe Ann.Black miniature poodle Chloe Ann.Chloe's also very smart. Within the first few weeks she came to us, she was able to sit on command. She now knows how to heel, sit, shake, come, stay, up, roll over, and lie down. She's constantly surprising us with the things she learns. She's had a very happy puppyhood and is growing into quite the young lady. We just love our puppy and are so grateful that we found Milk and Honey Farms. Thank you for such a healthy, happy, smart, and beautiful puppy!

Charlie Brown

Black miniature poodle Charlie BrownBlack miniature poodle Charlie BrownCharlie Brown - the new addition to our home is finishing up his first week with us and is having a good time with his buddies Sally Brown and Bailey Brown. He is a lot of fun and getting along well.. You did a good job with him. Thanks again.. Bill


Sam, the black minature poodle.Here's Charlie at six months and neutered. Great dog. Thank you!


Sam, minature poodleSam with his first haircut.We would like to take a few minutes to update you on Sam's progress now that he's had a few months to settle into life with us.  When we came to pick him up from your farm in October, he was sweet, docile, and quiet - until we got him through the door of our house!  He is still very sweet, but has shown himself to have a very brave, inquisitive nature, a more-than-healthy stubborn streak, and a taste for Kleenex!  He keeps us on our toes, but brightens our days as we watch his fun, intelligent personality emerge and as we watch him grow and mature into a happy, healthy little man.

Sam had a great time at Christmas with extended family from out of state who wanted to kidnap him and take him home after the holidays.  He started an 8 week-long puppy class in mid-January and has had lots of fun playing with the two other puppies in class and showing everyone how smart he is.  This week's big events have been us finding little puppy teeth all over the house as our little guy continues to grow up and having Sam go in for his first "big boy" haircut.  He did very well at the groomer's and really looks like a poodle now, which will hopefully keep everyone from asking us, "What breed is he?" all the time.  As you can see in the pictures, his coloring makes him a truly unique Milk and Honey production!

We hope this email finds all at the farm doing well - please pass a big "hi" to Truffles and Pilgrim.











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