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My Favorite Cat                

Curry's Fan Club

We get lots of letters about dogs, sheep and gardens, but here's the first one about Curry the cat. Carm even set pictures of her Maine Coon cat, Premier Colecoon All-American Pride, or Pride for short. You can see the resemblence. Pride has papers and Curry has... a barn.

Pride, a lookalike for Curry, and his friend Sunshine Kitty.Pride and his mother, Joy.Your CURRY cat looks just like my Pedigreed Maine Coon cat who I bred myself... Premier Colecoon All-American Pride... He's gorgeous... LOVE the story of his rescue...

Love your website... I actually surfed on doing a google image search... and saw CURRY! 

I have 8 cats 4 rescue, 4 Maine Coon... all wonderful. "Carm"

More About My Cats -July 28th 2004

Curry Cat hugging a potted tree.Curry cat continues to amuse and entertain me, even when he is asleep. If I were a professional photographer, I would entitle this picture "THE TREE HUGGER". Curry spends a lot of his time snoozing and this tree, which is part of my collection of porch plants, is one of his favorite places to curl up for a nap.

Curry Cat's favorite spot in the winter - the greenhouse.We make and eat a lot of different types of curry. There is Thai curry, Indian curry, and Asian curry. We like curry. We serve it with sticky rice. The sticky rice is sweet rice that is traditionally eaten with your fingers. Curry and sticky rice go together.

Sticky Rice, the cat, has attitude.A Garfield want-to-be.When another kitten showed up and looked like Curry Cat, we named him "Sticky Rice." He knows he is bright and beautiful. He has an attitude about it. Sticky Rice loves to torment the Poodles and will play cat games like “pounce and bounce” with them. He pounces on a Poodle, and the Poodle bounces straight up, then they race around in circles. It is the comic relief and better than TV. In the evening, we sit on the porch swing, and watch them tear around. Life is good.

All about my cat!

(Written and dedicated to cat lovers everywhere)

There are quite a few cats at Milk and Honey Farm. I have favorite cat. This story is about him.

Curry cat in the kitchen surveying his domain in his best Garfield pose. "Curry Cat" is his name. He is big, bushy and beautiful and he loves me. It did not begin this way. It all started a little over a year ago when I was stretched out on the sofa, wrapped in one of my wool comforters and watching the evening news.

Bob came from the barn carrying this ugly, squalling, angry, tiny kitten. He was spitting, hissing and biting, all at the same time. Bob looked at me; grinned and said "I captured him in barn and brought him in for you." I was not thrilled.

The next few days, I did try to make friends with it. That kitten behaved like a cat from Hades! I had to wrap him in a towel to keep from being clawed. If I relaxed my grip, even for a second, he would hiss and bite. He escaped from every kind of box we fixed for him and would hide out in the darkest corners of the basement. When he was finally recaptured, he was covered with cobwebs and dust. I did not like this cat!

Curry Cat peeks out from between the bunnies. His bunny companions taught him to not be afraid of people. When I reached the end of my patience, I took him out to live with the rabbits. We have a big rabbit hutch and big New Zealand white rabbits that were ten times the size of my brat kitten.

I would take him food (tuna, no less) and milk several times a day and bring him in the house in the evening to try and tame him. I finally gave up. He was wild and ungrateful and I had the scars to prove it.

My husband is a patient man, so he took over the taming routine. Every night, Bob would get the kitten out of the rabbit cage, bring it into the house and play with it.

Meanwhile, the kitten loved the rabbits and would curl up on top of the Big Daddy Rabbit to sleep. Big Daddy (also called Billybob) did not seem to mind. The female rabbit (Sweet Pea) would wash the kitten and they had a game of chase and pounce. The kitten even started to eat the rabbit food and drink out of their water dish.

To make a long story shorter, we tamed the kitten and named him "Curry Cat". It took over a month but we won. At the present time, he is my most affectionate, most personable, and most intelligent cat. He has become the only cat that I grant visitors right in the house. I love this cat!

He comes in every morning for his raw egg breakfast. He patrols the basement for mice, makes his rounds of the house, reports to me for scratching, and usually naps in his favorite chair. He sleeps for awhile and then lets me know he wants to go back outside. He very politely stands by the back door until I let him out.

He has excellent manners. He has never messed in the house. He does not climb the lace curtains, nor rip up my houseplants. I love this cat.

Cats can get comfortable in most any position and Curry Cat is no exception.The best thing about him is that he seems to know when I am down and need a friend. He will sit in my lap and pat my face with his paws-claws-just soft velvet paws. He purrs and purrs and purrs. I think he is singing kitty comfort songs to make me feel better. I love this cat!

The moral of this story is never give up on your cat. The same principle applies to your kids too. The child or teenage who is the biggest mess, just may grow up to comfort your heart! I hope my friend, who is having such a hard time with her teenage son, reads this.


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