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American Harvest Gardenmaster Dehydrator            

American Harvest Dehydrator Video

Sarah shows how easy it is to use the American Harvest dehydrator. If you have a slow internet connection or you're having trouble watching, you can try downloading the video file here. NOTE: You have to click the bar at the top of your browser which says, "Allow the ActiveX Component to run?" This is the video player and clicking the bar will start the video.

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I first read about drying food in the original BACK TO BASICS book from READERS DIGEST. They suggested making a dehydrator our of a card board box, lined with black plastic and keeping it on your roof so animals couldn't get at it. Believe it or not, my oldest son did just that. It took three days of drying, but we managed to dry four apples.

Next, we tried the oven method. I set it on the lowest possible setting and apples were sliced and placed on a cookie sheet. Twelve hours later - we had dried three apples.

Time has flown by, since that primitive beginning. There has been a BIG CHANGE. I have three Air Preserve dehydrators that run around the clock during harvest. We have apple, cherry and plum trees, raspberries, currants plus a 10,000sq. ft. vegetable garden. It is a huge job to preserve this amount of produce and my dehydrators do about 90% of it (the rest is frozen or canned). I've learned some tricks too. I keep the dehydrators running in the greenhouse to keep the heat and humidity out of the house. The sun heats the air in greenhouse and so less electricity in needed to dehydrate juicy vegetables like tomatoes.

A dehydrator is one of the best ways to preserve food. The low temps used dry the food without sacrificing the nutrients. Dried food will keep in air tight bags for years. With freezing, you continually paying for electricity and after while, everything gets refrigerator taste. With canning, there's a lot of up front preparation and the high heat to kill bacteria also kills off some of the nutrients.

I really like this method of preserving my harvest and think that you will too. My Grandchildren LOVE dried apples and melons!!! The dried fruits and veggies give you new ingredients to work with. Crumble dried tomatoes and sprinkle them over your salads for color, taste and nutrition. Flavor charge your soups and stews with dried squash, peppers and onions. A healthy snack that tastes like banana bread - just mix dried bananas and pecans.

American Harvest Gardenmaster

Up to thirty trays can be added to the Air Preserve II.American Harvest Gardenmaster Model FD1018P.  Patented Converga-Flow action for fast, even drying.  Expandable up to 30 trays.  Adjustable thermostat 95-150 degrees. 




Denna DeLong's book How To Dry Foods.With your order, receive a free copy of Deanna DeLong's 160 page book, How To Dry Foods. Deanna's well-illustrated book shows how to preserve food easily and expertly! This is a $14.95 value.


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