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196) Len 
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
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I was looking for bread recipes for my Universal Plus (and Wondermill) and stumbled across your site.

Tried your whole wheat bread recipe. It's wonderful. When asked how the bread tastes, I say "it's addictive it's so good".

Might be the ingredients (honey and fresh ground wheat berries) but I thank you for putting this recipe (and web site) together.

I would only add: a baker (me) needs to use an instant read thermometer to ensure the loaf is cooked to 190-200 F. I found your 20-25 min was too short for the 4x9 loaf pans I used. I added 10 min (30 total) but I believe that is ONLY because my loaves were different size/weight than yours.

THANK YOU!! smile
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